Blue Dichtol Provides “Proof Positive” That Casting Repairs are Complete

APPLICATIONS: metal and composite castings made for the automotive, off-highway, heavy machinery, aerospace, oil & gas and other industries; castings that have been repaired, and where it’s critical that the completion of the repair be verified.

Stronghold Coating Systems, a manufacturer of polymer and thermal spray solutions to repair and enhance the performance of critical components, has introduced Blue Dichtol, a modified impregnation coating for new (and newly repaired) castings. It is compatible with all ferrous and nonferrous materials, and composites.

Blue Dichtol capillary sealer impregnates micro-pores and hairline cracks without vacuum or pressure, forming a protective barrier to gases and liquids. It can be applied to raw metal, or to castings that have been coated with plasma, arc spray or HVOF coatings.

Blue Dichtol provides exceptional capillary action, penetrating to 0.004”, restoring pressure tightness and enhancing surface and varnish properties. Proprietary engineered polymers penetrate deeply (up to 20 mm) into the coating, preventing corrosion of the metal substrate.

In addition, its distinctive blue tint provides positive visual proof that porosity has been sealed and casting repairs have been completed as specified. This is a huge advantage for users in terms of both product performance, and product liability. Blue Dichtol does not alter parts dimensions.

Blue Dichtol can be applied on-site for repair that is both quick and convenient. Following air cure of approximately 1 hour per mm wall thickness, it provides exceptional resistance to chemicals, mechanical stress and temperature extremes.

The cured coating is pressure resistant to 8700 psi, and heat resistant to 932o. Blue Dichtol also dampens vibration.

Blue Dichtol can be applied to clean, fully dry parts by immersion, brush or spray. This single-component sealer has a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months in a sealed can. It is available throughout North America exclusively from Stronghold Coatings, in pints, quarts, gallons and 5-gallon containers.