MM 1018 On-Site Repair Product

for the Highest Loadings, Most Critical Uses

Now made in the United States, MM 1018 is a polymeric metal material providing 100% force fit gap compensation.

It was originally developed for the repair of steel and steel composite bridges - applications where materials are subject to the highest loads and stresses. It has been used successfully in more than 1000 applications worldwide.

MM 1018 is a high-performance repair product combining high compressive strength, exceptional vibration damping, and long-term corrosion protection.

Bridge Repair

MM 1018 was developed in Germany for the repair of steel and steel composite bridges. It is now manufactured in the United States, More than 1000 bridges worldwide have been repaired using this technology. MM 1018 provides high compressive and shear strength, as well as 100% volume restoration inside the gap between bearing and construction. It offers high dimensional stability, with insignificant shrinkage. Mechanical machining of face and back plates is not needed.

Power Plant Construction

MM 1018 is used and specified for utility construction projects, where extreme strength and the highest safety ratings are required. Specifically, gaps between ledges, face plates and diagonal trusses have been successfully compensated using MM 1018 with 100% force-fit gap compensations. Because MM 1018 is an injectable material, repair is completed in place - at a fraction of the cost of conventional repair techniques.

Offshore Drilling, Offshore Wind Energy Turbines

MM 1018 is highly suitable for use in corrosive and saltwater environments and is used for the repair of offshore drilling systems, wind power plants and canal water gates. In a typical application, water gate bearings had to be replaced, and the resulting gaps between the steel bar and new bearing were compensated by MM 1018. The material provided a 100% force-fit gap connection. No machining was required, and the owners were able to avoid expensive disassembly, rebuilding and machining.

MM 1018 is easily applied, even at great heights. It distributes evenly in all directions. 100% gap leveling is achieved without machining; after full cure, it provides very high compressive strength, and long term resistance to chemicals and weathering.

  • 100% gap compensation
  • High compressive strength under extreme service conditions (vibrations, temperature extremes, etc.)
  • Resistant to weathering and ageing
  • Resistant to gasoline, oils, coolants, acids, lye
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Easy to apply on-site using casting or injection
  • Shelf life is 12 months or longer
  • 1 kg, 5 kg (2.2 lbs., 11.02 lbs.)
  • Larger packages on request