About Stronghold's Founder

Larry Grimenstein has over 30 years of experience in thermal spray coating technology and developing successful applications. Larry's experience began at the Westinghouse Research and Development lab, using metal coatings for quick tooling. Later at General Electric, he became involved in coatings for Power Generation and the Pulp and Paper Industry with the GE Apparatus Service Department.

Experience as the Plant Manager of General Electric Flame Spray and then as the General Manager of General Plasma gives Larry additional unique perspective and experience. In 1992, Larry founded Nation Coating Systems, Inc. specializing in developing creative thermal spray coatings for a wide range of industrial applications across the world. NCS is dedicated to researching and developing new applications and servicing commercial customers.

Larry has published several articles and presented technical papers in regards to new thermal spray technologies. Larry can recommend coatings and processes to solve demanding industrial applications. Our solutions go beyond coatings - we work with our customers to maximize the application's performance, reproducibility and quality. These solutions are tailored to a company's specific coating requirements so they are assured predictable coating performance.