Elite Repair Product for Castings

Plasticmetal was engineered for the quick, high quality repair of porosities, defects and blow holes that occur in castings, and to repair machining errors and worn areas in cast iron, steel, aluminum, and other alloy products. It has been used successfully in hundreds of applications worldwide.

Plasticmetal is a fast-hardening polymer-bound metal material. It is an exceptionally flexible repair system which can be mixed and applied in small quantities and combined with several different hardeners to achieve the viscosity, curing speed, appearance, and performance characteristics required. The product is formulated for a "free mixing" ratio, so it can be applied as a liquid, a putty - or any level in-between. It can be applied in-place and does not require special tools.

Plasticmetal is available in 12 metal powder formulas, including cast iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and others. It is machineable after hardening, and is highly resistant to physical and thermal stresses. It provides excellent adhesion on all metals, and is compatible with applications involving continuous high temperatures and aggressive chemicals.


  • High chemical resistance
  • Tenacious adhesion to metal and metal alloys
  • Temperature resistance to 250°C (482°F) continuous; up to 500°C (932°F) short-term
  • Short cure time
  • Free mixing ratio enables putty to liquid viscosities.
  • Machines like metal
  • Cured material can be varnished

Hardener LiquidNo.Pot Life (Min.)
Pot Life (Min.)
Cure Time
HL Standard01128-105-720Standard hardener (Europa)
HL Rapid01165-73-513Special for quick and emergency repairs
HL Slow011418-2015-1730Special for serial production / long pot life and curing
HL Tropic01138-107-930For tropical regions
HL Tropic Slow0048~25~18 Tropical regions / long pot life and curing time
HL WF02045-64-511High temperature loads +250°C
HL WF Tropic01718-106-813High temperature loads +250°C / tropical regions
HL WF Slow076830-3820-2520High temperature loads +250°C / tropical / long pot life
HL SF00137-96-813Blast-proof hardener, hard elastic after curing
HL Thixo00657-96-815Drip-proof hardener for overhead work